What Do Macaws Eat?

What Do Macaws Eat

Macaws in captivity are notoriously picky eaters. They will sort through a bowl of birdseed chosen to provide balanced nutrients, and chow down on just peanuts and sunflower seeds. Macaws …

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Why Do Birds Sit On Power Lines?

Why Do Birds Sit On Power Lines

If you do any bird watching at all, chances are that you have seen birds sitting on power lines. Every birdwatcher knows that passerine (perching) birds tend to congregate on …

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Why are Parrots so Expensive?

Why are Parrots so Expensive

Pet birds in the parrot family can be shockingly expensive. A parakeet can cost as much as $800. An Amazon parrot can cost up to $2500. A cockatoo or a …

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Do Macaws Make Good Pets?

Do Macaws Make Good Pets

Macaws are intelligent, big, beautiful, brightly colored birds. They are also strong-willed, noisy, and sometimes territorial birds. If you are looking for a quiet pet, you may be happier with …

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