What is the Symbolic Meaning of Bird Poop (droppings)?

Symbolism is a universal practice where people use symbols to represent and express characteristics, and ideas, the state of mind, etc. It is used for self-discovery and learning different things.

Cultures, religion, folklore, and history all have a role to play in symbolism.

Certain animals, plants, weather, colors, shapes, dreams, etc. are all symbolic in different ways for different cultures.

Birds have always fascinated humans due to their ability to fly. They are admired and envied.

Birds are commonly used to symbolize various things based on their species and behavior.

They are often associated with superstitions, and one of them is the meaning of a bird pooping on you.

But before we dive into that, let’s first look at how people generally perceive animal poop.

What is The Symbolic Meaning of Bird Poop?

Bird poop signifies abundance, vitality, and good health.

It is associated with the natural balance of life. In other words, it refers to the natural cycle of life and death that begins with food and ends with poop.

Animal poop, including bird poop, also symbolizes harmony and balance.

Feces are more than just telling of your digestive health. They tell where the human or animal comes from, what they ate, and the kind of life they lived.

The richer you are, the higher quality and larger amount of food you will consume, which will turn into a higher quality poop.

Food is directly associated with wealth. Someone who owns vast lands and numerous crops will be well-fed.

When it comes to birds, more poop is a sign that they are well-fed. This is why stepping in poop is a sign of good luck for many.

What Does it Mean if a Bird Poops on You?

For most modern people, bird poop may only be an unfortunate and annoying occurrence.

However, some people still believe in the spirituality behind this common-day happening and hold various beliefs that involve good luck and fortune.

A bird pooping on your head is seen as the very pinnacle of good fortune. A bird is seen to transfer the prosperity of the food it eats through its poop unto you.

This belief seems to have originated in Russia. There are numerous explanations why this superstition may have taken shape and grown in popularity throughout the world.

You must be wondering how this seemingly random phenomenon came to be perceived as a good luck charm? Let’s look at the reasons how it all may have started.

The Butterfly Effect

People believe that stepping on animal poop means that they will receive money or any other form of wealth. Have you heard of the butterfly effect?

The butterfly effect states that every single event is part of a larger, scheme and design.

Everything is interconnected with a preceding and a subsequent event and affects other events—all a part of a grand design.

Birds are also part of this grand design, which is why people believe that birds act as messengers.

They don’t think of it as a negative experience but something that involves a more resounding message from the universe.

Mysticism and Signs from Heaven

Birds are the epitome of symbolism. People believe that birds are messengers from the supernatural realm and incarnations of guardian angels.

A bird visiting someone’s home is seen as glad tidings of a guest, and if a bird follows you, it means that it’s there to protect you.

Their ability to fly adds to their mysticism as it is symbolic of liberty and freedom.

The power to free yourself from the constraints of the earth symbolizes freedom from negative thoughts and emotions. The sky symbolizes heaven.

If a bird poops on you, it is considered a gift from the heavens. It’s believed to bring you luck. It means that you have been noticed and addressed by the heavens.

Rarity of Occurrence

Although there are numerous birds in the sky, the chances of getting pooped on by one are quite rare.

Superstitious people see this as a positive sign because the birds in the sky decided to poop on you out of all the people on the ground.

It is a human tendency to assume something is a sign if an event takes place out of the blue. A bird pooping on you comes as a sudden and unexpected surprise.


People also factor in coincidence. Although people get pooped on by birds all the time, it doesn’t happen to a single person multiple times frequently. It is not as rare as getting struck by lightning.

People believe that there is no such thing as coincidence and that randomness is not part of the natural order of things.

A coincidence is not just something unlikely to happen. Every experience, everything that we encounter with our senses and see in our dreams is a sign. It has purpose, value, and meaning.

Nothing is arbitrary or an accident, no matter how big or small it may be. Every minor incident has significance and meaning. It takes a special mindset and a willing person to see beyond the peripherals of our vision.

To see the seemingly meaningless fragments of people’s daily lives and connect the dots.

If we allow ourselves to perceive the depth of meaning, we will be able to visualize the interconnected pieces of life that are woven together to form a sketch, a perfect pattern.

Perceiving Inconvenience Positively

It is unpleasant to have a bird poop on you and feel it running down your head.

Perhaps telling yourself that it is good luck is the only way to think about it positively and not be bothered by it.

Humans tend to find the silver lining in everything that happens to them. It is part of how our emotions work and how our defense mechanisms are designed.

We have an innate, inborn need of turning unpleasant experiences into something better. We want to remain optimistic regarding unfortunate happenings.

Bird poop inspires hope and positivity in people. So it must be good luck, right? Think about this the next time a bird poops on you.

A Deeper Meaning

Besides good luck, there is a deeper symbolic meaning to getting pooped on by a bird. Some people believe that it is a signal for you to slow down, evaluate your life, actions, choices, beliefs, etc.

The physical act of cleaning the bird poop is also said to symbolize spiritual cleansing and transformation of the soul or self-evolution.

Even sailors still believe that birds bring good luck and don’t remove their droppings from the ships until it rains again.

Birds have been part of ancient mythology since before recorded history. Birds have been said to travel between realms in numerous myths, acting as the eyes and ears of gods and other mythological creatures.

Two ravens accompany Odin, the Norse God of war, sky, and wisdom in the recreations or depictions in art.

Owls symbolize the Goddess Athena, the virgin Greek goddess of wisdom.

The mythical phoenix symbolizes life as it is shown to rise from the ashes time and time again across numerous legends and myths. Phoenixes die by bursting into flames and are reborn from their ashes.

A phoenix is a symbol of rebirth.

Other Prophecies and Beliefs

Several old-wives tales surround bird droppings even today in places like Russia, Italy, and Turkey. Some are passed simply as folklore, as sayings and beliefs from ancestors.

In Russia, if a bird poops on a person, vehicle, house, or any other belonging, it is seen to mean that the person will receive riches quite soon. It can even be believed to multiply if there are several bird droppings.

In Turkey, it is believed that bird droppings are extremely lucky and that the person will win a lottery quite soon. People are even asked to buy lottery tickets if a bird poops on them!

Birds are seen as bearers of good fortune, and even their droppings are seen as something positive in Italy. Some cultures rarely consider bird droppings as bad omen.

Bottom Line

When one perceives life as destructive or negative, it affects our emotions and ruins the day. Perhaps viewing inconveniences positively is wise, and we can all learn something from how people around the world perceive bird poop.

We must be open to the magic of the universe and accept new thoughts and beliefs. We must not ignore coincidences and ask ourselves what the universe is trying to tell us.

Perhaps you will gain unexpected insight into your own self. Or you will meet someone, or encounter a circumstance, or experience a creative moment; it could be anything!

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