What Do Flamingos Eat?

Flamingo standing on one leg

Flamingos are possibly the most eye-catching of all birds. Their colorful plumage, their long legs and sinuous necks, and their distinctive smile make them among the most photogenic members of …

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Can Parakeets Die From Loneliness?

Can Parakeets Die From Loneliness

As many bird enthusiasts know, parakeets are social creatures and need the company of other birds in order to live a happy life. However, what happens when a parakeet is …

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Are Bird Feeders Bad for Birds?

Many people love the idea of bird feeders, but are bird feeders bad for birds? Bird feeders can advance the spread of avian disease and disrupt the environment exponentially. Since …

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What Birds Lay Blue Eggs?

American Robin Bird Eggs

When we think of bird eggs, most of thinking these of white or brown color (maybe coz you also start thinking of omelet and sunny side-ups). But the beautiful world …

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