Jian Bird – What Is It And Interesting Facts About It

Like the last song of a dying swan, the Jian bird is another interesting myth that has captured the interest of many mythologists and bird enthusiasts alike.

The Jian bird brings thousands of years of legendary mystique as it’s one of the oldest legends in history.

Not only is the Jian bird used in several metaphors, but it is also a heartwarming symbol of love, commitment, and balance among married couples.

Let’s read along to find out more!

What is a Jian Bird?

The Jian bird is an important part of Chinese mythology and has been for many years. According to the legend, this particular bird has only one wing and one eye.

Considering this predicament, it has a very limited sense of sight and is, of course, unable to fly on its own.

You can find several representations of the Jian bird in ancient and modern Chinese art. Each piece of work symbolizes different things such as commitment, love, partnership, and balance.

However, the beauty of the Jian bird is highlighted when it is depicted as a pair instead of an individual.

A pair of Jian birds signify how two of them together can soar the sky and achieve a deep vision.

What Does the Jian Bird Symbolize?

When depicted as an individual, the Jian bird symbolizes one half of a coin or something that is incomplete.

The lack of one eye and one wing is an ode to how the Jian bird cannot do much on its own.

But, when a Jian bird is represented as a couple, it is as if it has reached completion.

Two Jian birds can successfully fly and see around because they both complete each other.

This, in return, becomes a point of learning for married couples and how they need to depend on each other to reach their full potential – much like the Jian bird.

In other birds, a Jian bird pair highlights how “two stars are brighter than one,” implying that spouses are a stronghold for each other, and they cannot thrive alone as well as they can together.

The Jian Bird Origin

We have already spoken about the fact that the Jian bird comes from Chinese mythology.

However, it is a global symbol of dependence, teamwork, love, companionship, and commitment.

Two Jian birds are commonly referred to as JianJian birds that fly together. One can agree that the Jian bird is a symbol of eternal connections and relying on each other for survival.

If one Jian bird is left without the other, it cannot survive by having just one eye and one wing. However, when they are together, they most definitely flourish.

The Jian bird was first highlighted in Chinese text over 200 years ago.

The text, namely The Scripts of the Mountains and Seas may be the exact origin of the Jian bird.

However, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact location since these ancient scripts are way older than 200 years.

Regardless of the ambiguity, one can safely say that the Jian bird is one of the oldest legends in the world.

Jian Bird Artistic Depictions

The Jian birds are commonly depicted in different colors, such as red and blue. They also are shown communicating and being intimate with one another because they do not mind becoming one.

This is why they are such a pure symbol for companionship, dependency, and love because they are always on the same page as each other.

Not only do they share eyes and wings, but they also share their ideas and thinking.

If one Jian bird has a destination in mind, it will not be able to reach that destination if it does not fully communicate with the other half.

This is yet again a learning point for married couples that want to achieve all of their milestones together.

Both birds, just like married couples, should agree on the right thing to do before they begin to act.

The concept of soulmates and marriage is beautifully represented through two Jian birds as they are lost without each other.

Through their coupling, they highlight how there is no leader or a follower in a marriage. Each part is equal, which makes a perfect whole.

Another important thing to remember is that the myth of the Jian bird highlights that separating the two birds would be a disaster for both of them.

Even though each bird has one eye and one wing, they find joy in being together rather than being alone.

One can interpret this information as a warning because living alone can be very challenging. A soulmate, on the other hand, can be a cornerstone for all walks of life.

In popular culture, the Jian bird is also associated with romantic love and people lost without each other. One can find Jian bird tattoos among other modern romantic symbolism.

Do Birds with a Single Wing and Eye Exist?

Considering the bird species known to man, there are no species born with one eye or one wind.

Practically speaking, a bird with one of each would be pretty useless.

Naturally, bird species are supposed to develop two eyes and two wings to have proper sight and flight. The flight mechanism of a bird is designed so it will always need two wings to soar high in the sky.

When one wing is broken or injured, a bird cannot fly even for small distances.

There are some instances where birds have been able to fly with one good wing. However, it is not something that can be generalized for all birds and situations.

Injured animals cannot fly normally, but in some cases, they may get off the ground depending on their strength and individual circumstances.

Are There Other Creatures Like The Jian Bird?

Other legendary creatures among different Chinese and Australian myths do highlight birds with one wing.

This particular bird is known as an Oozlum bird and is an integral part of Australian myths and legends.

The fact that it has only one wing allows it to only fly in circles. This myth may come with interpretations and depictions of its own, just like the Jian bird.

Does The Jian Bird Walk The Earth?

Regardless of legendary myths and creatures, the Jian bird is definitely a unique depiction of culture in China. Unfortunately, it is not a reality.

The Jian bird is an interesting part of Chinese folklore and nothing more.

According to scientific revelations, no bird species come close to the real version of a Jian bird with one wing and one eye.

This is something that you will only find in ancient Chinese art. However, it is a point to ponder upon if these wonderful creatures were real.

Not only would they be fascinating, but they would have the whole world in awe.

Wrapping Up With Some Interesting Facts About The Jian Bird

  • Today, you can commonly find several Jian bird interpretations in manga, anime, novels, and other TV shows
  • The animated TV show Darling is popularly known for its representation of the Jian bird because the two key characters need to depend on each other to survive their circumstances
  • The Jian bird is an important part of Chinese mythology, but it is also considered an important metaphor today
  • The word Jian means to ‘see’. In a more traditional setting, it can also be considered the ‘birds that fly wing to wing’ or ‘love birds’
  • The Jian bird is typically drawn to look like a crane. If someone were to estimate the height of a Jian bird depending on its representation as a crane, then a Jian bird could be 5 feet tall from top to bottom.
  • The Jian bird, even in mythology, cannot fly with one wing. The whole idea of the Jian bird revolves around meeting another partner to achieve flight
  • The Jian bird metaphor and mythology highlight that partners must agree to join together if they want to succeed. The success of one mate will automatically mean the success of the other if they join their resources together
  • It also highlights how the relationship formed between two partners in a marriage is it eternal. But the life of the partner depends on the health and safety of the other.
  • Chinese mythology highlights that a Jian bird relationship is divine. This means that if the Jian bird finds a mate it will live, is it does not, it will die due to a lack of survival skills.
  • A Jian bird on its own has limited mobility and physical features. Thus, they always need to be in close proximity in order to survive properly.
  • A single Jian bird is a symbol of incapability. Only when it is viewed as a couple, it becomes a symbol of love, commitment, partnership, and balance.
  • This mythical bird is given a lot of importance in Chinese traditions as well as traditional Chinese marriages.

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