20 Different Types of Birds (that you can spot easily)

Birds have the unique ability to fly, which makes these creatures so fascinating to people.

Birds are descended from dinosaurs, their survival made possible by their power of flight.

The class of birds in the animal kingdom is known as Aves. It is a smaller chunk of the Animal kingdom and the phylum Chordata.

There are 18,000 different species of birds, according to estimations by scientists.

Before delving into the different types of birds, let’s look at some common features this class shares:

  • Birds are vertebrates, meaning they have a spine, limbs, and a skull.
  • Birds are bipedal, which means that they move on two limbs when they walk on the ground.
  • Birds are endothermic, and they can maintain a constant temperature.
  • Even though all birds can’t fly, they do possess wings.
  • Birds have beaks instead of mouths and teeth.
  • Birds have hollow bones, which allow them to fly due to a lower body temperature.
  • Birds are covered in feathers, and their feet or talons are covered in scales.
  • Birds lay eggs.

Birds also migrate and travel thousands of milesin search of warmer climates in winters. They have excellent navigational skills, which are innate. 

They can accurately calculate travel destinations and directions to their nesting sites.

Now, let’s delve into the various types of common birds that you might see, read, or hear about:


The scientific name of these tiny brown or gray birds is Passerellidae.

House Sparrow

There are numerous types of sparrows, and they have been domesticated into urban areas easily.

They are petite and chubby with black streaks on their back and a round head.

Sparrows are known for their chirrups and tiny hops, which people enjoy immensely.

Pigeons and Doves

The scientific name for pigeons is Columbidae.

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Pigeons have over 300+ types. Pigeons are commonly found in cities just like sparrows because they have quickly adjusted to living around humans.

They are medium-sized, but the various types of pigeons can vary from the size of a turkey to a house sparrow.

Pigeons have iridescent markings on their chest and throats, which shine in the sun and look quite beautiful.

Doves are also a type of pigeon which signifies peace and purity.


The scientific name for woodpeckers is Picidae.

Arizona Woodpecker

There are over 240 species of Picidae in 35 genera.

Many of these species have a bright red color marking on their back and a white striped head with black feathers on the rest of its body.

Woodpeckers tend to peck at tree trunks to dig for insects and grubs. They are generally found in woods and forests.


Penguins are found in Antarctica and some parts of Australia. The Emperor penguin is the largest of all penguins.

Penguins are aquatic birds and like to swim for fish, their primary food source down in cold Antarctica.

Penguins cannot fly. Penguins spend half their life submerged in freezing waters.


The scientific name for the hummingbird is Trochilidae.


They are the smallest birds in the class Aves.

They can flap up to 50-80 times a second, creating an insect-like buzz from their wings, which gives them the name hummingbird.

You can identify hummingbirds by their size and the bright color of their throat and chest.

They drink nectar equivalent to the weight of their bodies to power their small bodies for their flight.

Ducks and Geese

There are various types of ducks and geese which are waterfowls from the family Anatidae.

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Geese are larger than ducks, but both live on land as well as water. Their diets include fish, worms, insects, grass, etc.

Ducks and geese have been domesticated for their feathers, eggs, and meat.

American Robin

The scientific name for the American robin is Turdus migratorius and is a type of songbird.

American Robin Bird

Its breast is brownish-orange and often sing at dawn in spring.

They are found abundantly in North America. They are identified by dark gray upper body and white striped markings on their throat.


The scientific name for these small birds is Hirundinidae. They are also known as martins or saw-wings.

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They are tiny birds with slender bodies that increase their flight speed when they migrate great distances.

Common martin is a common type of swallow, as is indicative of its name. It has white coloring on its chest and deep blue color of wings and head.

Swallows may build nests made of mud and have a forked tail, which is how people identify them.


Cuckoos have the most distinct call, which goes like “cu-ckoo.”


The scientific name for the cuckoo is Cuculidae. They are migratory birds with diverse types of colorings.

Cuckoos don’t usually appear in groups or pairs. They are solitary birds and are heard in trees but are often not easily seen. They are extremely shy.


Warblers are another type of songbird in the order Passeriformes and family Parulidae.


They have exemplary singing voices but are extremely difficult to identify individually due to the diversity of their family.

Their songs instead of physical features usually identify them. Their chest color, wing markings, length of tail, and other features are also noticeable.


Eagles are the largest raptors known for their majesty, hunting skills, and other enticing aspects. The scientific name for the family of eagles is Accipitridae.

Bald Eagles

There are over 60 species of eagles worldwide. They have a wingspan of 7-8 feet, hook-shaped beaks, and sharp talons.

You can see them perched on extremely high grounds or airborne, hunting for prey.


These unique birds are known for their bright pink color and tendency to stand on one leg.

Flamingo standing on one leg

They have distinctive beaks with which they dig around for food in the muddy waters that they love standing in.

Flamingos can be found in Florida, African countries, and the Andean highlands. They are found in large colonies or flocks. The various kinds of flamingos, including Andean, American, Lesser, Greater, Chilean, and James’s Flamingo.


Kingfishers are usually found around ponds, rivers, and lakes where they hunt for fish which is the main part of their diet.


They can even dive to catch fish in their long, thin beaks.

Kingfishers have excellent eyesight, which helps them spot fish even when they perch on land.


You can spot vultures by their bald heads and brown bodies.

Turkey Vulture

Vultures are scavengers, which means they eat carcasses of dead animals and even people.

They may kill wounded or sick animals or wait around for them to die so that they can eat them.

They may also wait around for another animal to hunt and eat animals and then eat whatever is left.


Parrots are highly intelligent birds are and prized possessions sold for thousands of dollars.

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Parrots are famous for their ability to mimic voices and talk. They can mimic sounds created by other birds and animals, including humans.

They have bright and colorful wings and are tropical birds that have been largely domesticated.

Parrots have hooked beaks and like to eat nuts.


The canaries are another common pet bird that is extremely low-maintenance and easy to care for.

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They have a pleasant song, and the yellow canary has a beautiful bright color that lights up any room.

The canaries are a type of finch which are tiny birds that love to sing. Only the male canaries sing to attract females.


Finches are often kept as pets in bulks due to their friendly nature. They are tiny birds that can often visit birdbaths and birdhouses.


There are numerous types of finches in many colors, with other 220 different types.


Owls are a favorite type of night bird that is often associated with wisdom and truth. They hunt in the night for insects, hares, rats, fish, and other birds.

Eastern Screech Owl

There are numerous kinds of owls that are found all over the world except Antarctica.

The two families of owls are known as Strigidae and Tytonidae, and they can twist their heads in any direction.


Toucans have large, colorful bills, which is their most distinguishable feature. These birds are incredibly bright.


You can find toucans in jungles and like to eat insects and fruits.

They like to live in holes inside of trees and are non-migratory.


Birds are of various kinds and are present in several colors and combinations.

Each kind has unique features and characteristics that are amusing to witness.

Caring for birds is a fun activity as long as they’re not caged or their feathers aren’t clipped.

You can enjoy birds by installing a birdbath to supply them with feed and water.

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